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17-10-2016, 19:17
If you were to write a book about yourself,what would be the best bits,
Mine would be two of my next door neighbours,firstly ime from the midlands,we bought a pub in Stafford,next door from the pub lived ozzy osbourne,I was only 15...we use to have a lock in at the pub quite regularly with all of black sabbath,his stepson was my age and went to my school,he was my friend,once or twice a week when he was sober ,Ozzie use to pick me up from school.i remember going round his house only once,and remember seeing a huge jukebox in his hallway,
Then in the eigthys I moved out of home,and met a really wealthy family who needed a gardener and a shauffer,off course I snapped it up,who lived next door to them,but Oliver reed,met many famous people through him,got drunk with him many a time,but had some great and funny times with him,one comes to mind,I bought a brand new motorbike and pulled up outside the local pub,Ollie was there with all his mates,Ollie came over with a friend,his mate said can I take it for a spin,I showed off and said off course,,he drove off at high speed,Ollie laughed and said ,big mistake he is pissed as fart,but I got the bike back in one piece thank god,great memories,that's what I would put in my book,

17-10-2016, 20:23
Not sure about the book, defiantly would see the movie though.:D

17-10-2016, 20:39
Book of my life...Don't know ,but I am Ok at fiction and journalism .

Markus Ott
17-10-2016, 20:56
... its name would be "the wonderful mind of a genius"

17-10-2016, 21:17
If you were to write a book about yourself,what would be the best bitThis


(That's me, in the book that came with the Limited Edition tin copy of Project CARS)

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19-10-2016, 08:44
I'd struggle with the title + table of contents let alone everything after that.