View Full Version : Assists All/Real/off - what does Real mean?

23-10-2016, 11:48
All or off you can see grayed options - but what does Real mean?

Markus Ott
23-10-2016, 12:06
Real means a car will have the same assists available as the real car offers.

23-10-2016, 12:26
Makes sense, thank you.

23-10-2016, 12:26
Since Markus pretty much answered it, I'll only offer another piece of info. Apparently, if you set the assists to Real and set a lap record in Time Trial, the leaderboard will display your time as though you had ABS, TC and SC on, even if the car you drove does not feature those assists. This is why there are so many lap times from people known to be fast without assists marked as though they used assists... They're using real assists and the leaderboard does not make such distinction.

The idea of real assists is very useful in league racing but not so much when driving road cars, as technically road cars should be faster without assists as you have full control of throttle modulation. Nevertheless, since, to my knowledge, you can't deactivate ABS in a real car that ships with it (you probably can but not via the software), I just run Real for everything, and most people use ABS too (though setting assists to custom and toggling ABS on will enable it even for cars that didn't have it).

23-10-2016, 12:37
Interesting read there, Zpectre87, thanks.
If ever doing anything online it would be time trial - had fun with GT5 and those weekly events.
One can see competition must be fair.

I turned all off by now, and set throttle and breaks to 50 which gives linear sensitivity as I understand. No more of those sudden loss of tracktion when increasing throttle over a point.
I don't mind hard if predictable how car behaves.
I also saw that zavvi.com sell 3 months Live Gold memberships for 10, which seems very affordable - I might test time trial stuff a bit later on in winter.

23-10-2016, 14:09
Hi don't know if it's still on but CD keys had Xbox gold for the year for about 20
And sometimes the supermarkets sometimes have it for 30 ish

23-10-2016, 17:18
Seems like a thingy over weekend in zavvi case, not there at all now.

31-10-2016, 18:42
Yeah we need to be able to turn off for street cars.

01-11-2016, 03:20
I dare say pcars assists are so good you'd be just as quick with assists on/off.
If you're driving smooth and not overdoing it, there's no reason for TC/SC to trigger. They're definitely useful momentarily in changing weather conditions to keep you off the wall, like rain -> storm where you may not have noticed a change in grip levels.
ABS is reportedly more effective than IRL so you'd theoretically be faster with it, but I think you lose the adjustability.

Yeah we need to be able to turn off for street cars.

You can.
Because drift