View Full Version : how to record a (long) race

25-10-2016, 18:12
hi guys, tomorrow i got the first race of the fa championship i'm participating in. i'd like to record all the race, 60 laps at catalunya; it will probably last one hour and a half. playstation with his sharing videos service allows to rec only the last hour. anybody knows how to record the full race?

25-10-2016, 19:33
Elgato game capture or similar....

26-10-2016, 15:21
I use the Double Click Share button, it records 15 minutes...
When it displays video recorded, then Do another Double Click again...
( sometimes I lose a few seconds, as I wait till I'm on a straight to do the double press of Share )
after the race, you can copy the videos to a pc and edit them into one large file.
Or you can just share them as part 1, part 2, part 3......