View Full Version : Most fun!

30-10-2016, 13:11
Nothing important really but a friend of mine (petrol head) had a go on project cars with my thrustmaster steering wheel, he said it was the most fun he's had on a console in 10 years!

31-10-2016, 16:23
So far I think ive sold 3 PS4's , 3 copies of Pcars and 3 T300 RS and also 2 wheelstand pro's and a Playseat challenge !

They come they try and then they buy haha

01-11-2016, 02:19
Good stuff lads. Spread the word!
My pcars addiction is still a dirty little secret.
My buddies are yet to have a go with a wheel, although I'd like to build my rig first.
It did definitely help my wife learn to drive!