View Full Version : Wednesday Night series 9 pm uk time

02-11-2016, 14:57
Hi all,

just trying to get an idea of numbers for a possible wednesday series starting at 9pm uk time.

i'm thinking of something along the lines of the RS Escort1600 stock tune but any assists can be used.
Fuel and damage will be on.
It will be locked to cockpit to add to the excitement.

nothing super serious but racing rules will be enforced.

for more info go to


if your interested you can either sign up to the forums(it's free) or post here.

if i get enough numbers i'll run it.


05-11-2016, 10:37
Still looking for interest in this, so calling out to all the xbox one racers, pop along and take a peek.

For those that love racing, come and race.


06-11-2016, 12:58
There is still time to sign up for a nights racing in a tricky but fun car to drive.
Ford RS1600 stock set up with any assists and any views allowed this is really going to be about the racing rather than who can tune or which view is better.

IF your a clean racer of any speed you are welcome, we re not looking for long term commitment just a single night of good clean racing.

so if you are looking for good racing and can make Wednesday at 9pm uk time why not sign up.........


10-11-2016, 13:27
Well this went ahead with a smaller field but the fun was big.

keeping these cars going straight was the key to winning races in this one.

5 races over some perfect tracks for these cars and even one at spa, yep spa,lol

Now onto the next one night cup.....what car wand tracks will that be, only one way to find out...


12-11-2016, 12:35
We are now looking for more sign ups.

We have the experience in running series and we have the ideas we just need the drivers.

visit our site for more info on clean ,fair organised racing on the xbox one.

12-11-2016, 13:38
I cannot make 9.Could it be 4:30?

13-11-2016, 12:16
Nope, we have a set time for our series starts and always have.

if its too late look for weekend race leagues.

14-11-2016, 10:58
Wednesday at 9pm uk time we go into the Renault RS 01 car for one night of races, take a look at our site for more info.

sign ups are still being taken, don't miss the chance to drive this car, its a tricky little beast but fun too.

16-11-2016, 01:55
Count me in champ. Have morning off work, I'll hit you up for invite.