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03-11-2016, 12:05
Hi all

Couldn't find any thread to asnwer my question :(

I'm into FA WC in career mode, doing 100% length races (55-70 laps).
IA will never pit during the race to change tires, but mine are worn in 20-30 laps.

This is totally unrealistic.
Did I miss something in the settings, or should I ignore tire wear indicator and do the full race without changing tires ?

Thanks :)

03-11-2016, 12:50
Yes, it's a known issue the AI don't pit in FA...only thing you can do really is shorten your races as to avoid having to make a pitstop...

03-11-2016, 13:39
Ok thanks.

I assume AI never pits for tire change, but only for refueling in "refuling allowed" races like FB ou GT
I wonder why this has never been patched :(

What happens if I do the 70 laps without changing tire ?

03-11-2016, 13:43
What happens if I do the 70 laps without changing tire ?

You probably won't finish the race (or at least not in front) :cool:

03-11-2016, 14:02
One thing that you can do is a private online lobby, but only with A.I. Then, you set the option "Mandatory pit stop" to "yes". I donīt know if they will do a tire change, but at least they will enter the pits. Not a perfect solution but itīs something

03-11-2016, 14:06
Here's a thread about the subject...


03-11-2016, 15:32
Got it

I'll keep the 100% length but I disabled tire wear in settings.
Better solution for me as a half way race is too easy, no satisfaction at all when the race is finished :p

I'll restore tire wear when I'm done with FA


03-11-2016, 15:36
No problem...have fun on the track (s)...;)

03-11-2016, 20:40
Have you tried the medium/hard compounds to last the race distance?