View Full Version : Gamedash does not work : session state "INVALID" only in races (=savegame related?)

04-11-2016, 14:46
I'm currently having a problem with my windsimulator. It runs from gamedash and it works in all modes : practice, warm-up, qualify and timetrial except race

Gamedash shows "session state" invalid and therefor does not receive or put out any speed related data needed for the windsimulator to work.:upset:


I have this issue over a month now and really need some help fixing it.

I have tried:
-verified the pcars game cache
-re´nstalling pcars
-deleting my profiles and config files
-re´nstalling simtools and gamedash and re-patchting the game.

CrewChief and Simcommander both get their data from the game during races without any troubles

I have been testing and trying things out and i have narrowed it down to a profile related issue. Yesterday when i tested my windsimulator, magically gamedash worked in the single race mode. I immediately tried a race in the career and this also worked. Here the strange part: I didn't change a thing to get it to work. After a couple hours of racing, suddenly in the career mode i got the "session state" INVALID again and my wind simulator didn't work anymore in the careermode. :confused:

It still worked in the single player mode. At that time i made a backup of my pcars save game located in F:\steam\userdata\******\234630\local\project cars\profiles folder.

After playing some races in the single player mode, the windsimulator did not start. When i checked gamedash started to give the "session state" INVALID again.

When i replaced the default.sav in the F:\steam\userdata\******\234630\local\project cars\profiles folder with the one i backed up before it started to work again, but only in the singleplayer quick races. It really bugs me a lot, because i was just about to dive into the massive single player campaign. So this morning i uninstalled Pcars, deleted all my config files (in mydocuments) and the entire steam pcars profile folder. With a fresh installed pcars and shared memory enabled: IT DID NOT WORK :mad:

When i put the backedup profile in the profiles folder overwriting the one from the fresh install, simdash worked again. But only in single player races.

Does anybody have any clue how to fix this or could someone who has gamedash working in the careerraces please upload the savegame so i could try if that might fix my problem.