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09-11-2016, 15:03
i want to do burnouts in Project CARS, but it don't work. Can you please help me.



09-11-2016, 15:05
How to do burnouts in project cars [Tutorial]
like that guy

09-11-2016, 16:21
What type of controller are you using?

kevin kirk
09-11-2016, 16:29
If you are in a car with an adjustable diff then the diff will prevent you from doing burnouts. Although I would imagine in those cars you can use front brake bias using your brakes to control your forward movement. If you just want to "pop" the clutch on the road cars then turn off auto clutch and traction control. Also, if you are doing burn outs in your real car then stop. You are just destroying your car.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
09-11-2016, 17:11
Any specific cars btw? For example some turbo cars need a bit of finesse if you want to do a proper burnout, just dropping the clutch will allow the engine to bog down before the boost has time to come up (turbos don't spool up fully by just revving against the rev limiter, you need to have some resistance).

10-11-2016, 13:47
Make sure you set autoclutch, SC and TC to OFF.

11-11-2016, 05:42

I posted this on my Twitter account a moment ago. I have a T150 wheel, so I only have two pedals. I'll put one foot on the brake, stand on the gas pedal, and let go of the brakes. My trick? I race without driving aids, so it's pretty easy to do donuts with a car like the Corvette C7R.

11-11-2016, 13:05

11-11-2016, 13:15

Because skids. :rolleyes:

11-11-2016, 13:45
What type of controller are you using?

Speedlink Drift OZ

11-11-2016, 13:47
No, I'm too young for real cars

kevin kirk
11-11-2016, 22:01
No, I'm too young for real cars
......cool to see a young player, like i said the racing cars in the game the differencial will actively make it hard to do a burn out unlike cars in the game that would be on the street. Just turn off traction controll, put your brake bias to the front and hold down the brake and gas. Release the brake to make the car move forward and use the brake to controll how fast you move forward.