View Full Version : VR problems after last VR support patch

Alien Identity
14-11-2016, 14:29
GTX 1070
Win 10
1080p monitor
Vive VR setup
Thrustmaster T300

So all was working well for me, racing online with club members every week, a number of us using VR and having no real problems. Then around 4 November a patch is released to "fix VR problems". Now I can't use VR, the mouse cursor needs to be inside the Project Cars window (on the monitor view ) but the cursor keeps moving to the desktop, so the steering disconnects, nothing will fix it for me, cursor is magnetically attracted to the desktop.

And after exiting a session and then re-entering the VR view is locked to front bumper. This was a problem before the patch, but pressing the assigned "change camera view"button fixed it before, but now it can't be fixed, might be because the cursor moves to the desktop, so buttons on steering wheel are disabled.

Could you please look into the problems caused by the VR fix patch, there was no problem before the patch but now there is such big problems the the game is broken.