View Full Version : Logitech T300 + Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals; will it work?

14-11-2016, 18:01
I just picked up my PS4 Pro + PCars last week. Found out as I'm setting everything up that the PS4 no longer supports the Logitech GT Driving Force wheel/pedal systems, So now I'm in the market for new wheel/pedals.
Sounds like the V2 pedals require the CTX adaptor. Could anyone confirm the V3 pedals require the same adaptor?

...BTW, Love the game so far!


15-11-2016, 20:42
For anyone else in a similar situation,
there is Now a Newer Version of this that Fully Supports G25 and G27 wheels on the PS4.. The DFGT is supported, visit the support forums for DFGT details.

16-11-2016, 22:02
Looks like a legitimate solution.


21-11-2016, 03:49
Looks like a legitimate solution.


CronusMax PLUS

Yes it is. We have two guys racing in our League that use this > $100 device on Logitech G27 Wheels. They get Full Force Feedback, and there is NO input lag.
Sometimes we will switch to Assetto Corsa, and it is fully functional there as well. ( It even Works with Fanatec Wheels on Assetto Corsa )

The Device Requires use of a USB hub. ( there are about 20 that have been tested to be Fully compatible )
Make sure you have a compatible One.
The DS4 is plugged into One Port ( #4 )
the Wheel into another Port. (#1 )
The Device Plugs into the PS4, and the Hub Plugs into the Device's own USB port.


The Ports on the Hub, have an assigned Port Number ( the electronic port ID might be different from the Stamped Number on the Case )
The DS4 must be in Port #4
The Wheel / Device in Port #1

How to find the Electronic Port Numbers of the HUB

21-11-2016, 03:58
While we are Discussing T300 and Wheels...

I wanted to Bring this Up.
The PS4 does a security Scan about every 8 to 10 minutes to Verify that an Authorized Controller is Being Used.

Some USB hubs, DO NOT properly, communicate this Secure data.
If you Have a Wheel, or other Controller that Seems to Disconnect every 10 minutes or so...
It Might be Caused by the USB HUB you are using...

Even if the Wheel is NOT connected to the HUB.
the HUB might be breaking the Security Check data and the PS4 Disconnects everything.

I have Two, Powered USB 3.0 hubs,
that when Connected, cause this Symptom...
About every 10 minutes, my PS4 would lose connection with the controllers.

Turns out that after much testing on my part.

I found out it was the Powered HUBs causing it..
The PS4 was requesting a security response from the HUB.
since the HUB didn't respond with the correct response, everything is disconnected.

Reading through all the CronusMax blogs / Info
Confirms this.
if the PS4's Security check isn't responded to, then all devices on the PS4 will disconnect.

21-11-2016, 15:56
I have a Radio Shack powered USB Hub... Im Not using Chronos Max but when i plug My Controler/Fanatec Wheel into it it Never Disconects.