View Full Version : PC Upgrade = Project Cars VR Awesomeness!

16-11-2016, 22:32
Well, the upgrade itch has struck. I added a Zotac GTX 1070 amp edition, 16Gb of Crucial DDR4-2400, and an EVGA bronze 700w power supply. Got the card overclocked to 2.052GHz, and I gotta say, VR gaming is incredible on this card. There are details in racing games that I've never even seen before, it's a HUGE upgrade from the GTX 970. I can literally see the texture of the track, and rubber buildup in iRacing now, among many, many other things. I can run almost everything on high in iRacing in VR, Dirt Rally and Assetto on mostly Ultra, and Pcars on high with fairly high AA and AS (still playing with settings and SS) along with post processing effects. I am ecstatic with my setup now, unless I ever try a Titan X that is. :D