View Full Version : hkraft300 getting credit!

17-11-2016, 21:39
So, I was killing time this morning, on the interent and ran across a review from a website which I can't post because it has apparently been censored and is considered profanity. Anyways, the writer used a setup hkraft300 made for the Dallara DW12 at Road America and really liked it.

Congrats on your new found fame, hkraft300 and keep up the good work!

18-11-2016, 05:13

I need to update that setup too. I've improved it :)

19-11-2016, 13:20
Do you also make vids on how you tune your cars? I'm currently in an Indycar league and I'm pretty a-technical. For example, I'm forced to drive with a controller and my tire wear and fuel consumption is way too high on average, playing around with tire pressures will only partly solve the wear and I have to stop for tires halfway through the race where others can easily make the alternates last the whole race.

19-11-2016, 19:04
No I haven't thought of it! I'm new to SIM racing. I learned from reading some articles, some forum posts. It's also a lot of testing.
I played with the DS4 for about a year and what I've found is tyre management is all in the way you use that thumbstick. Only push the thumbstick as far as you need to point the front wheels in the direction of travel. Setup will only help so much.
DS4 is also less susceptible to a bad/inadequate setup than an ffb wheel.

Fuel consumption is affected by gear ratios and when you shift. You can't short shift too much or you'll be slow. Gear ratios/ aero will can alter your consumption by ~.3 litres/lap. You want to use the lowest final drive ratio possible to reach a good top speed but not spread the ratios too much that you drop off boost between gears.
I'll check the gear ratios on the database for IndyCar so you can see the difference :)