View Full Version : Need help with in-game chat box

21-11-2016, 02:34
Hey everyone!

I just made this account so I could ask a question about the in-game chat box, but I will probably use it more. Bought the game yesterday so yeah.
So whenever I'm racing online, somehow the controls I'm using make the chatbox move all the way up. I have tried to figure out what keys, but it's very confusing.
To read what someone said, I have to press T to bring the box up, then enter to send nothing, and then press the arrow up button repeatedly which takes me back down slowly, until the chat box disappears. Then I have to keep repeating this process until I get all the way to the bottom.
I've checked out the control settings, but there only seems to be an option for actually bringing chat up (T).

I'm using an xbox controller which is connected to my PC.
I hope someone can help me out, this is kind of preventing me from making friends in the game.

Sorry for the long post, have a nice evening everyone!

21-11-2016, 13:41
Not sure I've heard of that before... I would check to see what you have mapped on the gamepad in the "Edit Assignment" menu just to be sure.