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David Williams
21-11-2016, 12:55
Today is my first time trying Project Cars, normally I run iRacing with an Oculus Rift. I haven't had much enjoyment so far, primarily because I can't disable the hideous auto exposure! Honestly this is just horrible, I've now done a fair amount of searching and it seems there is currently no fix to the issue, which I find quite shocking.

The exposure is constantly going from dark to light depending on where my car is heading and where I'm looking, and on top of that it doesn't make any sense. Sometimes where I'm looking is massively overexposed, sometimes it's massively underexposed. Why can't I disable this?!

21-11-2016, 20:04
I haven't experienced this. But, try settings your in game gamma to .80, it's way overexposed in VR IMO. Turning off bloom and crepescular rays should help as well. Remember you have to restart to apply graphics changes.

22-11-2016, 10:54
You'll want to play around with different cars, to find a exposure rate you like, too. I originally ran with the default setting in an Audi R8 LMS Ultra and never had any problems. But then when I loaded up Laguna Seca on a sunny day in a RUF RGT-8 (I think), it was totally washed out. I actually thought something was wrong with my video card or system, since I'd never encountered the washed-out colors before.

Anyway, I've settled on 0.6 and I haven't encountered a situation yet (car/condition/track) where I thought things were too dark or bright.

One caveat: I've got a Vive which, IIRC, is said to be a little brighter than the Rift. So, 0.6 might be too dark for you.

David Williams
23-11-2016, 14:03
Thanks for the help guys. I changed VR settings to have the auto exposure FOV to 90 degrees (up from 60), and changed the exposure to 1.10. This seems to provide the least variation in exposure, which makes it somewhat bearable. I don't understand why we can't turn it off altogether though, it seems unnecessary, especially for VR.

24-02-2017, 20:37
Oh man!! I agree with everything you have said. Thank you for bringing this up. Was just about to start a thread. I have got it shut off in Assetto Corsa and it is very nice without auto exposure.

I agree!! It is not needed for VR. I also recently downloaded Live for Speed on hearing about VR support and they do not have auto exposure sucking off my GPU and wow, it looks so good, even with its supper simple graphics, but the sky is oh so blue and beautiful not this washed snow storm when sitting back in my seat in Project Cars.

Project Cars skies are the most beautiful I have seen when I put my face up to the windshield. Is there anything being done??

Is this getting fixed in Project Cars 2 ???

24-02-2017, 20:49
Same here. The game can look good in vr, but the exposure inconsistencies in closed cockpit cars are a real pain and make some cars all but unusable in vr. Open cockpit cars tend to work better

03-03-2017, 17:23
Thanks for bringing this up guys. I've been suffering with the same problem as well. I settled on 0.6 - 0.7 auto exposure. But the colors look off and washed out. I really really really hope they fix this with a patch. I would really like to turn OFF auto exposure.