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Maxence Huet TX3
24-11-2016, 15:52
I would like know why i'm downgrade of the leaderborad but i'm always here : http://www.projectcarsgame.com/home/the-ginetta-x-project-cars-esports-finals-is-live-dec-3-and-4-tune-in-to-watch-the-best-battle-for-the-title-and-1500
Maxence Huet (TX3)

24-11-2016, 16:33
I don't know what happened exactly but i'll ask the appropriate people....

24-11-2016, 16:45
I suspect it's an oversight on their part, having taken the original results standings for that news page. Must be frustrating to think you're going through, only to find out you're not, but mistakes do happen and it would have been harsher on the other guy.

Maxence Huet TX3
24-11-2016, 16:51
Yes but when you can drive only 3h on this leaderboards and you see that you are qualified but in fact not it's disgusting

Maxence Huet TX3
24-11-2016, 16:54
And in addition the results are either saying close...

24-11-2016, 16:56
Just have some patience until i get an answer from the organisation please mate...:cool:

Maxence Huet TX3
24-11-2016, 16:58

Rob Prange
24-11-2016, 17:22
Hi Maxence. As I explained to you on Twitter: unfortunately you were bumped out of the Top 15 after we located the lost registration form of 7th placed driver, BAM Balearic42

Your name was in the website article because that particular list had not been updated to reflect the latest changes. Sorry about the confusion.

Maxence Huet TX3
24-11-2016, 17:35
How it is possible to forget?
All the people have registered and we had no worries except for him.
This is not normal

Maxence Huet TX3
24-11-2016, 17:38
As much as 16 people like this, there are no problems

24-11-2016, 17:45
just one final word from Project Cars Esports:

"We had a technical issue with BAM Balearic42's registration, which meant that we lost it temporarily in our database. Once it was found, we reinstated him as a finalist, as he finished in 7th place in the time trial.

As Rob has said, we are very sorry that this pushed Maxence out of the final top 15, but this is the correct decision in these circumstances.

Maxence's name appeared on the website today, because that article was originally prepared before we had relocated BAM Balearic42's registration form. The website has now been corrected as well.

Sincere apologies."

Note from me: all descisions are final so no need to keep this thread open...