View Full Version : Thrustmaster F1 add on issues.

28-11-2016, 21:53
Hi people,

I received my F1 wheel today and after putting it on my t300 base Project Cars recognizes the wheel/base as a t500. A lot of settings where gone and back to some weird standard (t500?)settings. The main settings such as ffb and all of the deadzones where not as i saved them while using the 599 alcantara rim. I didn't have the time yet to see if there are anymore settings screwed. I called the Thrustmaster's 'help' center and they said that it doesn't matter that Pcars sees it as a t500. It was because of the F1 rim's firmware they said.
As i said, i didn't have the time to check if there are other changes in the settings of Pcars due to the changing of steering wheels. The wheel works including all buttons an paddle shifters but i am afraid that the fact that Pcars sees my setup as a t500 it will behave wrong because of that. Again, i have a t300 base and the T3PA pedal set. Does anybody have some info for me on how to deal with this? What happens if i go back to using one of my other steering wheels, do i have to setup everything again in the settings menu of Pcars?
Does Pcars think i have a t500 wheel or does it think i have a t500 base? Or both? Did anybody have this problem too?
I will try to find out more tomorrow but i am hoping for a quick answer....

09-12-2016, 12:23
Sorry that I can't answer your questions (at least not yet). I have the same set up that you do, and I just picked up the F1 wheel but haven't tried it yet. If you've figured out a workaround or fix for this problem, please post it. When I try my F1 wheel this weekend (on PCars, Assetto Corsa & F1 2016) I'll see if I have the same problem and if I can figure out a way to fix t. I'll be sure to save my FFB info in case I have to recalibrate it back to T300 settings.