View Full Version : HTC Vive - FPS & Settings Help

04-12-2016, 07:50
So after a lot of research I decided to jump with a Vive yesterday. So far the experience has left me a little cold, and that's before I tried pCars. Leaving some of the issues I've had aside, I want to just concentrate on pCars.

I removed the 3 x XML files and fire up pCars. Left everything as it was and jumped into the Bentley GT3 @ Oulton Park. I get a lot of jaggies, which is to be expected, but along with it I get a lot of flashing on the barriers, trees and the inside mirror has flashing sections.

I've tweaked with various settings, including the supersampling, and I can get rid of the flashing/shimmering, but it drops the frame rate a lot. With the frame rate monitor graph thing on the Vive controller (can't recall what it is right now, I'm on my laptop). On a clear day @ Outlon I have everything turned to low, or off and with trilinear filtering and I only get the odd frame drop in a lap (but with shimmer). I tried Hockenheim in the rain (FP) and it wasn't playable for me.

Yet I read people with 970s who are cranking up the detail and still getting great FPS. So I'm obviously doing something wrong here.

Can anyone offer any next steps?

Edit: Although my system is in the sig, I'm running a 980ti. The CPU in the monitor graph is only about 50% utilised, so it doesn't appear to be bound by that.

Edit 2: Nevermind. I took it all back today. I had many other issues outside of the pCars FPS ones, so for me my VR exploits are shortlived for now :)