View Full Version : Time Trial / Leaderboard corrupt at Hockenheim GP, M3 GT4 ?

05-12-2016, 01:23
The top Leaderboard time doesn't match the actual lap time in the BMW M3 GT4 at Hockenheim GP.

If you load the ghost cars for the leader ([PCDC]Animera) and myself (n_hood), it shows I have the #1 spot by .037 seconds. Watching the replay, I squeak out the top spot by maybe a foot.

However, if you view the vehicle records it shows [PCDC]Animera ahead by ~.7 seconds.

Below are the posted times:
Leaderboard time / In game replay time

1:46.279 / 1:46:973

1:46:935 / 1:46:936

This is the first time I've noticed times not matching, both cars look like clean laps.


07-12-2016, 05:06
leaderboard isn't corrupt, Ghosts are. Its common that the ghosts dont display correct.