View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Screen goes darker during game...

05-12-2016, 08:22
Anyone else had a problem with their TV screen dimming during play... Seemingly randomly whilst driving the screen dims... Pressing any button brightens the screen back up again.

I am playing on Xbone but don't think this is a tv, xbox or cabling issue as it doesn't surface whilst playing other games such as (hush my mouth) AC.

This has only been happening since the last xbox game update which was awhile ago now... But it is ruddy annoying! Anybody got any clues how to fix please?


05-12-2016, 09:15
I've seen this reported before, and AFAIK it's an XB1 issue. Something with input not being registered as input and therefore the system going into idle. What controller are you using?

05-12-2016, 11:19
Thrustmaster TX wheel and T3pa pedals

05-12-2016, 19:16
I don't have an XB1 so I'm only guessing and hope an XB1 owner chimes in. What kind of settings can you adjust on the XB1 regarding controllers, input and (USB) power saving?

05-12-2016, 19:38
There are 2 USB's on the xbone... I have switched to the other port for tye wheel and weirdly the problem seems to have gone! How weird is that!

Much thanks for the help.. It is very appreciated!

05-12-2016, 21:36
This is the xbox "screensaver" kicking in and was introduced earlier in year under one of the updates and hasn't been cured. If you have a controller plugged in to the xbox it doesn't happen.

17-12-2016, 14:45
At this time it's not resolved for me : the screen saver appear if a use only Wheel, pedals and shifter H mode, without using any buttons or pallets.
i had to press a button to exit from the screen saver.

- i have tried the 3 usb ports ( 2 on the back and on the one on the left side )
- each time by turning off the console and the AC
- even with pad also connected / with not pad connected

it seem like TX send activity to xBoxOne only by pulling buttons ( and not by Wheel, pedals and shifter )
i asked the question to trustmaster , they said the tx sent activity by the steering wheel and pedals .... ?!?

Project Cars is not at fault it's the same with Assetto Corsa.

[ xboxone with Trustmaster TX ] , sorry if my English has mistakes

18-12-2016, 20:39
Yes this happens to me using the G920 with shifter. As been mentioned if your not using the paddles or buttons on wheel and only using wheel and shifter the Xbox will go to screensaver mode. I just press a button every now and then when using the shifter. When I jump into cars that use paddle shifters and use them no issue.

15-01-2017, 19:36
Im having this exact same issue with my Logitech G920 :confusion:. I've tried all 3 usb ports to no avail:(. Let's hope they can sort something out soon ;).

01-02-2017, 22:11
Yep, happened to me too using X bone and G920 although only on long races. I changed usb port. I just hit Y quickly when it happens.

12-03-2017, 15:30
Hi all I finally found a way to stop this happening ive started using a tablet with a sim racing dash app on it so i set the UPD in controls to 1. Since then everytime i have the tablet on with the app open do not get this issue at all ;).