View Full Version : Help: only 45 fps oculus rift

05-12-2016, 18:38
The game looks terrible. I have a rx480 and i5 6402p 2.8ghz. 8gb ram. Is my cpu bottleneck ing? Constant 45fps. Anyone else having problems. Im very sad cus I bought oculus and new pc just for this game :(

When I play on the monitor its like 130 fps and looks awesome when I hook up the oculus its only 45 fps

07-12-2016, 16:20
Yes, unfortunately your CPU and GPU are both below what I would consider necessary to run this game well in VR. Depending on the motherboard and BIOS you currently have installed you may be able to overclock your CPU. Make sure you have sufficient cooling in place, you'll want something better than the Intel stock cooler that came with your CPU. This will help but the other issue is that the game runs better on the equivalent Nvidia card, in your case this would be the GTX 1060.

If you haven't already make sure you have every setting on low, turn shadows and crowds off (this will help take load of the CPU) and see how you go. You're capped at 45FPS because Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW) is kicking in when you system can't maintain 90FPS. You could try turning this off to see if you prefer it. Left control and number 1 on your keypad will turn it off after you have loaded the game. This will reset on exit. If you want to compare the modes back to back left control and number 3 on the keypad will turn it back on.