View Full Version : Time Trial Leaderboards - Reset to Default?

07-12-2016, 16:04

I'm currently running a Time Trial competition during the winter break that our PCARS league has.

We're trying to police stock setups, to give everyone a level playing field. We'd planned to do this by observing the the 'D' in the Assists column on the cars-stats-steam.wmdportal.com page.

However we've found that if you'd had a saved setup in the past for particular car/track, even after selecting 'Reset to defaults' in the garage the times on the portal still show as 'C' for custom.

Is there any other way to restet the setups so they appear as 'D' (default)?


Mad Al
07-12-2016, 20:38
only way is to reset your profile.

the profile is saved in <steam install folder>\userdata\<your steam ID>\234630\local\project cars\profiles

make a backup of default.sav, then delete it (or just rename it default.bak). Next time Project CARS starts it will be all back to square one.

Note, that file also has a lot of other settings for controls and some other stuff.. so make sure you know your settings before starting.

To get back to any career, just reinstate the original default.sav file.