View Full Version : WEEK#50#2016 TT COMPETITION || Rouen les Essarts || Mercedes Sauber C9

07-12-2016, 18:30
Hi all!

So I would love to set this up, a weekly competition for the fastest lap time on a given track with a given car. Please post a replay of this lap and I will add you to the leaderboard (will try to update twice a day, sorry if that fails sometimes). The winner on the end of sunday (let's define the end of sunday at 0:00 hours UTC (so London time), if anyone thinks this is unreasonable please state so!) can give the car and track of next week. One week extended.

This week (halve a week in this case):
Track: Rouen les Essarts
Car: Mercedes Sauber C9

- Use the time trial mode of the game.
- Default setup is not mandatory since this cannot be proven.
- More than one post/time is allowed.
- Post a replay.
- You are allowed to use assists, as this cannot be checked.

Enjoy and may the best driver win!

Current leaderboard [Updated: 10 Dec 14:40 UTC]:
1. Cumulonimbus, 1:49:015

09-12-2016, 12:54
I think i will try this... is it PS4 only???

10-12-2016, 07:47
I think i will try this... is it PS4 only???

Does that matter? In my opinion no, not PS4 only

10-12-2016, 13:37
My time... : 1:49:015.