View Full Version : [SOLVED] OpenGL Overlays for PCARS in windowed mode working - SM no ABS ST TC?

13-12-2016, 09:02
hi everyone

inspired by TonyR's browser based overlays
i did some overlays in openGL and c++
(mostly for performance reasons, my PC got to its limits)

the browser based method needed 30-40% extra CPU load
the openGL method just <3% extra CPU load
(less than 1% for every overlay)

i used AutoHotKey to make the overlays transparent, borderless and to resize, reposition and put them always on top
aswell for making PCARS (windowed mode 3840x2160, 29Hz) borderless and reposition it

result: PCARS fake fullscreen + 3 transparent overlays on top


everything works fine sofar but i would like to display the status of ABS, Stability and TractionControl, too
though the sharedmemory API is updated with this info (mentioned in several forum threads), sharedmemory.h is not

does anybody know how to access this info?

any help apreciated

thx ;)

Edit: ABS, SC and TC are accesible via the mCarFlags, but they only show up, when triggered (just needed this understanding); got it working this way