View Full Version : [Resolved]Tier 8 (Carts) driver profile corruption

13-12-2016, 20:45
I have tried this 4-5 times now. I create a new driver profile on Project Cars PS4 (I have 3 others), complete the rookie season. And then after the last race, sometimes I will immediately get a file save error, or it will show me I have new mail - but when i tab over it shows me an empty mail tab. Other times it will just hang the game, forcing me to quit the game and go back in. That Tier 8 driver profile shows up but is blank, no name, no mail, no history. There is nothing to do but delete the profile and start again. I don't have any saved video/pics other than what the game does when you win trophies. Was attempting to do "Zero to Hero"... My other driver profiles are fine and have not gone nuclear like this one.

One more thing, this is only for offline mode - I don't have PS Plus. Has newest PS4 firmware and most current Project Cars updates.

Any suggestions, or fixes? Thanks!

13-12-2016, 22:18
I had a similar issue once...i deleted one or more saved profiles and that fixed it for me...

13-12-2016, 22:22
Is there a limit to driver profiles (max amount?)

13-12-2016, 22:23
IIRC i had three myself so i suppose that's the limit...

14-12-2016, 14:39
Tried your theory last night, and it worked. I deleted my endurance profile (left my gt3 and lmp1). Created tier 8 carts and after winning the series, got a new contract for super carts and it's working fine. Thanks for your help!

14-12-2016, 14:41
You're very welcome...glad i could help :cool: