View Full Version : oculus version of game, but want desktop with trackir instead of rift

14-12-2016, 16:25
Hey guys, I purchased PC through the Oculus store, but the motion is too much for me and causes nausea, but I like the game. I want to play it as a desktop game, so I can right click on it from the Oculus store app and run it in desktop mode. However, when I do so it doesn't recognize my TrackIR. If I can't run it with Rift I at least want it with my TIR. Any workaround, solutions, awareness for this configuration to work?

Also, probably unrelated, but my Xbox One controller isn't working in game even though windows recognizes it and my settings are set for xbox one default controller.

14-12-2016, 20:03
so the xbox controller is fixed, I had to reboot, but still no TIR?

14-12-2016, 23:45
Hi Quadgnim

I'm really not sure what can and can't be done with the Oculus Store version of the game. I will ask the developers.
If you are able to, I would personally recommend requesting a refund from Oculus and then purchasing the Game of the Year edition via Steam. Only downside would be downloading the game content again. On the plus you would then have access to Steam multiplayer lobbies.

John Hargreaves
15-12-2016, 08:32
Have you fiddled with world movement settings? I think if you set it so the car doesn't move in relation to the driver (I forget which way round it is, but it's at one end or the other, I think it's world movement=100) then that reduces nausea a lot. Also, when I first started in VR I found the open cockpit cars to be better in terms of dizziness, the closed cockpits felt a bit funny at first. Once I got the hang of that, I've never had any nausea in pCars since.