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15-12-2016, 11:58
We are a very experienced league who have organised races since the game came out and after a break we are looking to build a good core of drivers who know how to race.

We are not only looking for super fast guys but we do only want guys that know wrecking is a no no.

We organise good clean fun racing series and try our best to make sure the races stay close using a safety car system and a super pole qually.

Must haves to race with us are :

Mic = we need to be able to hear and talk to you during races.
Maturity = sometimes contact happens and is totally accedental, ragers are not wanted.
Attendance = we don't race everyday but we ask if you sign up you turn up.


now come along and sign up and start enjoying your online racing.


29-04-2017, 15:20
We are now recruiting drivers for our upcoming series, so if your the type of guy who loves to race yet does it clean then pop over to the site and take a peek.

05-05-2017, 17:36
We are now looking for drivers for a series that will be run on a Friday night, races will be starting at 9:30pm uk time.

This will be a GT3 series featuring "super pole" qually and safety cars if needed.

Pop over to our site for more info.

site addy is in my forum signature.