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16-12-2016, 13:48
I have this big brakeplate just waiting to be mounted onto my G29 pedals but I want to know how to remove the clutch assignment from the controller settings. Just want to leave it blank. I know how to assign it to something else but I just want to remove it...

Any help?

17-12-2016, 08:49
Well... kinda awkward, answering my own question but this is what I came up with:
Since you cannot leave important assignments blank, I figured I connect a bluetooth keyboard and assign the letter 'c' to the clutch. When I disconnect the bluetooth keyboard, the letter 'c' is still assigned. So when I attach the big brake plate, the clutch pedal has no function since the virtual clutch is activated with the keyboard 'c'.

Taadaa.... Do I hear trumpets? ;-)

17-12-2016, 18:16
Tetteretteteteeit :cool:

19-12-2016, 18:23
There is actually another way. From the button assignment screen, just press option after you're done setting your buttons. You can leave many fields blank. Hope this helps.