View Full Version : dash meter pro udp problem

17-12-2016, 22:42
I have set udp to 4 in project cars on xbox one and connected my sony android phone to the same network as my xbox one and dash meter pro works great. I also have a Motorola phone which does not seem to be getting any info from xbox one both are running android 5 and I try them separately. So any Ideas what could be wrong,

20-12-2016, 16:59
I have the same question, same problem here, it's really frustating this happen.

20-12-2016, 22:45
Well don't know how but yesterday it worked great but now it will not work again.:(

18-01-2017, 23:06
Could it be a router firmware issue? I have the same and tried an older firmware and it improved a little bit. Will try other stuff and post here if I find the solution if I find any..