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18-12-2016, 03:14
i took a lot of the members recommendations and then spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to Subdue, an Xbox One Controller on project cars. I'm happy to say that I have done it and drives like Horizon 3. The car goes around corners it doesn't overreact doesnt oversteer or twitch.
In Authenticity:
Steering Assistant No.
Breaking Assistance No.
Driving assist allowed all.
Anti lock brakes no.
Stability control no.
Traction Control No.

control scheme:
Steering dead zone 4.
Steering sensitivity 8.
PS : What I found is that this control scheme or the physics model likes multiples of even numbers like 8 and 4 you could do 8 and 16 if you want real responsive.
Throttle Dead Zone 4.
Throttle sensitivity 8.
Break does Dylan 4.
Break sensitivity 8.
Speed sensitivity 80, you can also sent this to 70.
Controller filtering sensitivity 80 if you said it to 70 Like above the key to set both the same.
Force feedback 10 or 20.

PS: I found this setting to have quite an affect on the way the car drives straight line and how it is in a corner. I think with they did was for a force feedback wheel this setting is needed. They wanted the car to kick back. But when you have a controller, you don't want that.

Controller input mode 3.
Advanced on
soft steering dampening off.PS: If you turn this on and you have very low dead zones and sensitivities that the car doesn't feel right.
Opposite lock help on.

field of View:
Now here is the big secret no one went to the field of view or the camera section thinking it would effect the handling. because what happens is this game takes what's happening in the field of view as opposed to the road Surface etc. force feedbackS to the view speed wheel versus for using a controller. We don't need all the field of view speed sensitivities and it does effect handling big time. Put field of view speed sensitivity to yes and turn up all the speed metrics and watch the car skate all over the track. You should also lower the field of use in all of the settings.

Open camera 70.
Hood camera 70
Roof camera 80.
Chase camera 85-95 both work great.
Cockpit camera 75.
Helmet camera 70.
Rear passenger camera 100.
Field of view speed sensitivity NOo.

Now hit the right button go to movement and as with the speed sensitivity field of view. The movement, it has a huge effect on how the car handles. I think they Tied all these movement effects, force effect world movement into the physics of how the car responds and what to look back to a wheel. All the shakes, the helmet. We dont need all that stuff, they tide into? for the wheel.

High speed shake off.
World movement zero.
G force affect zero.
Show helmet yes. Helmet depth of field yes.
Helmet look to apex 30. Ps: change this setting around when you're in the helmet view and you will see that the car handles vastly different as you change the setting
helmet leaning 10.
Camera leaning 10.
That's it. Those are your settings and it will drive really nice and very forgiving. It won't overcorrect you won't get that snapback going through a corner. Actually, my 2 Favourite views to racing are on the Chase, And helmet view now. I could race all day long on these settings and all the cars handle very well and forgiving. No nasty twists , slide through turns without that violent oversteer.

Roger Prynne
18-12-2016, 13:46
Nice write up... thanks, and I hope it might help someone.

kevin kirk
21-12-2016, 16:22
I have found that if you ever want to turn off the advanced options parts after you have turned on counter steer help. You need to cycle threw your preset numbers and fully reset the settings. Then reenter your settings again with the default settings of advanced settings off. It feels like it doesn't turn off if you don't do fully reset the controls by cycling thur the preset numbers.