View Full Version : when entering the start finish straight the car jumps left and goes off track...

21-12-2016, 23:16
hi guys

i am on ps4 with a standard controller

everytime i enter the start finish straight the car suddenly jumps and hits the wall or goes out of track on every map.

i tried every possibility in the options menu like closing all the aids and so on, but nothing helped it feels very bad as you will imagine

i can make a video and upload whereever you want

is it just me or are you also experiencing something like this??


Mod Edit: Added the video for you.

21-12-2016, 23:55
Make a video does it happen online offline all cars? That doesn't really matter actually I would just save all your setups etc. Delete game in cloud too see if that works

22-12-2016, 00:55
offline i think but i didnt play online too much

all cars and all tracks

adding a videoclip in dubai track

you can see in the video that the car goes off track and hit the wall, i didnt touch the controller at that moment it happens everytime :(

aww by the way i am not allowed to post links because i am new :(

i sent a private message to you please add it under this thread so that everyone can see

you mean delete the game and reinstall it?

22-12-2016, 01:24
Yes delete the game or your controller is going bad looks like you loose everything

I sent konan a message too check your video see what happens

22-12-2016, 15:12
Are you using driving aids?

22-12-2016, 17:26
First time this has been reported and i'm as puzzled as you are...is this in career?

22-12-2016, 17:36
Maybe a silly thing but have you tried using another controller?

22-12-2016, 17:38
I found one precedent from a long time ago...seemed his controller was broken...


22-12-2016, 17:39
Can you do a similar video but with telemetry enabled?

22-12-2016, 17:59
thank you all for the answers good people i will make a new video on an other track and with another car with telemetry open

as soon as possible

my controller is not dead, in no other games or in the menu something like this happen.

i like this game a lot and want to play it for a long time

i closed and opened every possible option before making this thread i always thought there must be something to stop this from happening.

it happens in every mode in career too

22-12-2016, 18:49
Link with telemetry...


Roger Prynne
22-12-2016, 18:55
It's like he looses all traction on the front tyres just before it goes left?

22-12-2016, 18:57
Hard to see at my end...i'm at work and doing this on my mobile :(
Nevertheless very strange...

22-12-2016, 19:01
The last video looks to be more of driver error (too much steering input causing the car to snap). I'm assuming this doesn't happen if you aren't flooring it?

23-12-2016, 10:45