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24-12-2016, 04:40
Hello everyone i've decided to post my controller settings and everything i do in each cars setup menu, these all combined have helped me get multiple world records with the controller in the formula A and lmp1 categories. I've tested so many settings along with car setup changes and these are what i believe to the best controller settings. They make the controller behave as close to a wheel as possible (I believe).

My controller settings:
Steering sensitivity 0
Steering deadzone 0
Throttle sensitivity 0
Throttle deadzone 0
Brake sensitivity 30
Brake deadzone 0

Speed sensitivity: 75
(very important) this is the smoothest the the steering can be while still reaching max steering lock when the analog stick is pegged to the edge.

Controller input mode: 3
This is just as crucial as speed sensitivity, input 1 and 2 are too sensitive for a controllers analog sticks and shouldnt be an option.
All advanced settings: off

Car setups must for pad users:
This is something i do with every single car that has helped tremendously.
First is: max the steering ratio (this is the smoothest possible setting for each car)
Second is: max the caster angle (this is my second minor step to provide me with the smoothest steering possible)

Here is one of my world record videos linked, this is an example of what the controller settings i use along with maxing the steering ratio and caster angle in the car setup menu has provided me


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