View Full Version : Z1 Dashboard - No timings, diff and #laps?

25-12-2016, 21:25
Hello there fellow digital drivers.

I got pCars from the steam winter sale (hurray for that ;)) and having an absolute blast with it!

After a few hours racing and crashing ect. I went to youtube for some tips and tricks. Found this japanse (or chinese?) driver with a detached screen that featured his dashboard. Some googling found out this was simDash. After some more googling I also found Z1 Dashboard. Got both (simDash because you can customize the hell out of it and Z1 Dash cuz of the standings and track maps ect.). I've got 3 10" tablets above my screens so plenty of screen-realastate to use.

I do however found a 'problem': In Z1 Dashboard I do not get any timings, diff-timings and # laps driven on the standings screen and the trackmap with standings screen. It does work, I do see my position on the map.

Anyone have an idea why it doesnt show all the info?

06-01-2017, 21:03
Can you post a screen shot of the track map screen you are seeing?

What type of session are you running in - offline, online, practice, race, etc.?