View Full Version : Received Game as Xmas Present but Everything Locked

26-12-2016, 12:52
So I got the game as a christmas present, went to load it which is installed and automatically did the update. Start the game but every option apart from quick solo race and the options is locked. Ive deleted it re-installed it but still the same. Have googled the problem and people say the game is downloading but everywhere I check says that it is installed!! help as this was bought online so I can see we wouldnt get money back!

26-12-2016, 12:59
I had the same experience but found out that the game wants you to explore things from the beginning. So just do the quick race and see what happens. Once you finish the first race, things start to unlock. You also have to create a NEW driver (below the career section) to be able to enter the career mode... I bought the game 4 weeks ago and all I have done is read and build my rig ;-)

26-12-2016, 17:58
I have played the solo race three times and still nothing, cant even click on new to create a driver as that is locked!!

26-12-2016, 21:01
Seeing you're on PS4 (please change the platform in your profile so it shows correctly below your username), the game needs to download/install/update fully before everything is available, which can take some time.