View Full Version : Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedals - what to pair without braking the bank?

26-12-2016, 15:42
Right now I have a oldskool Microsoft FFB sidewinder wheelset.

I was able to buy T3PA Pro pedals for dirt cheap. They should have been broken but as turns out, when connected to a T.R12 usb device the pedals calibare just fine. They flutter a bit so i recon the potentiometers are dirty.

First things first, I'm looking into running the MS wheel without pedals & the Thrustmaster pedals. Would like a newer wheel but I'm not realy bound to a brand. So what would you reccommend?

26-12-2016, 16:58
You'll need to supply a price range. "Breaking the bank" will have different ranges for each person so you need to define what your price range is...

26-12-2016, 18:05
400 for a t300 500 + for a T500. I think that new thrustmaster PC only wheel is like 600. You have pedals so a t300 servo base is 259. On Amazon then you need a wheel rim that could cost you up to 179. Or you could go with fanatec gear and that can be up too 1200 with pedals with out your looking at more like 800 depending what you want DD wheels brakes the bank lol.

Edit you should of done this before x mas I just got a servo base for 150. And a 599 wheel rim for 110.

27-12-2016, 07:35
Hmz... thats over budget. It doesn't have to be new. The Microsoft wheel wasn't complete when a friend gave it to me. Found a suitable PSU and fixed it.

I've been looking for Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2 wheels on ebay. Just missed one that went for a bit over 85eu

27-12-2016, 08:17
How good (or bad) is the T150 wheel? Might be able to buy a used set from a friend who is upgrading to T300RS

27-12-2016, 08:33
Probably better than the wheel your looking at look around you might find something around too

29-12-2016, 19:57
T150... Nuff said