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28-12-2016, 15:30
Hi guys (and girls maybe)

Here's a small n00b setup question.

i play the game with the T300 RS wheel. i like very direct steering so my hardware is set on smallest steering wheel angle possible (D-PAD + right -> one blink 270 degrees)

Most cars are great to drive, especially once tuning them a bit to my liking, but i have this problem with some of the cars:

If i enter a corner, for instance, the first corner on the Nurburgring GP circuit, my wheel stil has turning room for turning left but the feedback from the car is almost gone (is this what they call "clipping?"), not understeer-y like, because understeer would main I've maxed out steering but car won't setup wise turn sharper.

Question: what settings do i play with to fix this?

John Hargreaves
28-12-2016, 19:50
You could try going from default to classic in the FFB settings, sometimes the default can cause clipping, and the classic setting reduces it a lot.

29-12-2016, 14:25
Depending on the car and/or track, you still may need to alter the "Steering Ratio" in the car setup.