View Full Version : Help needed with brand new g29

30-12-2016, 20:29
Hi all decided to treat myself and upgrade my wheel setup to a logitech g29 from a thrustmaster t100 but after messing around for 5 hours I've about given up and on the verge of returning it. I'm not a stupid person and have looked at all the threads on here and other places and can't find the answer im looking for have done all the stuff recommended plugged into pc checked for updates calibrated wheel with project cars but the problem is there is absolutely no force feedback or resistance in the wheel whatsoever if you quit the game and return to playstation menu there is resistance there stopping you turning the wheel but as soon as project cars loads it disappears I was beginning to think the wheel was just broke but I tried it with f12015 and it seemed fine so any ideas anyone

31-12-2016, 01:01
Have you tried:

Turn on PS4 with your gamepad, plug in G29, press PS button on G29, use the G29 to start Project Cars.

31-12-2016, 16:44
Have you tried:

So apparently I am thick I reset setting for controller then put the setting is wanted in and it worked so if you get a new wheel make sure you reset settings before applying new ones love this game but it is fickle sometimes lol