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01-01-2017, 03:34
Hi Guys, i play project cars in steam and have played 150 hours so far. At the moment i am on RGT-8 GT3 and its very slow to advance to LNP1 which i believe is the top career spot. How I play is i dont bother doing the qualifying rounds just skip to the race and i win all my races. Doing this am i ever going to advance I seem to just keep going around at the same level. I really like project cars but i find the endurance races a bit to much. So do i really need to qualify to go forward

01-01-2017, 06:21
Nope...winning races is enough...

01-01-2017, 12:00
I think you can safely skip the invitationals too. I do now and it advances you a lot quicker. If I'm honest they should have made the invitationals a separate calendar. It feels a bit wrong to skip them, but no professional racer would have a calendar with so many 'fluff races' in one year. And we're used to doing multiple years in a month :D

The way I do it now is only race the Qualy and Races for my current championship. That's work enough for me :D

01-01-2017, 22:23
At the moment i am on RGT-8 GT3... i find the endurance races a bit to much.
Are you on the GT3 season or endurance season? If you simply want to unlock LMP1 you don't have to play the Endurance season, you could play LMP2 or FB instead.
If you're doing the GT3 season with the GRT-8 you have 1 extra championship before moving to the next season iirc.
If you just want to unlock events as quickly as possible qualifying is not needed, you can skip qualifying and adjust AI difficulty accordingly, invitationals aren't needed either.