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06-01-2017, 22:45
I have earlier post on m whole tweaking saga to get the best balance of fps and graphics.

In summary I was running dx4 1.3-1.35 range and with spar warp getting solid 45fps but dips on certain maps. I use ultra car and track and rest is dialed to low except particles at med.

After a few months at dx4 I found noticed the ghosting more and more and with new oculus and GeForce updates I tried some more testing.

I found the mod cars I was using add about a 2-4fps hit over pcard cars. When driving them not when they are in the field. Although I live dx4 it is noticeable bump all around but really at 1.4+

I also saw that some tracks are worse then others and since I was stuck on Mazda things were ok until I went back to road America and zolder.

So I tried dxm and dx2 and started playing with my evga 1070 OC. I was running at only +80 gpu and +120 memory. I ran power at 102% and temp at 83f and voltage at 82%.
That always get low and I was running at under 60c during load.

I put some time in and was able to go to +145 and +400 at 86%, 105% power and 86%
All temps under load were under 67c

That's definitely stabilized my fps to 45fps even few ticks to 47 apr 42 but most were over 45!!

So at above new settings I was running dxm under load road America and 10 cars and other then back turn at hard 90 where it dipped to 38 regardless of oc or overscalr it was rock solid 45 fps at 1.6 over scale dxm. I didn't try dx4 but I think dxm @1.6 looks as good as dx4 at 1.3 range

Now I am running a i5 haswell 4690k at 4.2ghz runs at 60c or cooler and ddr3 2400

I notice that anything over 120+ and 300+ on the 1070 didn't improve my fps in pcard. Wonder if CPU is holding it back?

I have seen and excited that kaby i7 is 5ghz and can run 3800-4000 memory
That's is a solid 20% bump over my haswell you think I will see that in my game? Be great to run dx4 at 1.6 or dial up more cars or effects

07-01-2017, 07:43
Just my experience...

I had GTX-980ti, which is approximately on par with GTX-1070. I run with full details.

Last summer I went from this
(Stock MHz)

to this
(OC'd to 4.5 GHz)

and it didn't give me much advantage compared to few years older CPU. I was able to add 10 more cars on the grid (20 -> 30) in normal conditions.

Disappointed I went mad and bought Titan X, and that gave me the kind of 70% boost I had hoped for. I was able to use higher supersampling (1.5) and generally not care which track or weather I was driving in. Even night time racing became possible regardless of weather.

My GPU upgrade happened just before Oculus introduced ASW, so balance of CPU versus GPU may have shifted. But from my experience at the time the bottleneck was definitely the GPU.

10-01-2017, 13:26
I went from a 970 to a 1070 on same setup and it was night an day.


The 4k was pretty good with 970. I was able to run ultra on most settings that mattered but was at hi 30s-40 FPS range and was fine.
1070 I was able to max out 100%, which didnt improve IQ that much but the FPS was insane with some tweaks I was 90-100FPS on average. the fluid gamplay was a HUGE differance.

Now with the RIFT, once I got past the draw distance and AA, I was hooked and have not played the monitor in months. I did play the 970 for a bit with VR, it was fine but really watered down in IQ. 1070 I think i am at the top and with ASW on I am a solid 45fps D2M at 1.6

I OC my card and cpu (i5 at 4.2). I noticed as I cranked up my memory on the 1070 past 300mhz it didnt seem to improve anything. hit a wall at 1.6 and my gpu started crashing above 145.
I have not tweaked my i5 anymore I know 4.2 is its max. I am sure the SS 1.6 is all the texture bandwidth and card.

I can do 2 things: I guess trade up for a 1080, OC I assume it will be a 10-20% speed increase BUT my i5 is getting older too and will want to bump it within the year and the 1070 is brand new trying to balance it out for what $600 (plus sell 1070)
upgrade to kaby. I think all around the pc will be faster HDD access, browsing, opening files and I think I will see the same if not more FPS bump since I am expecting a 5ghz speed and I will probably do a cooler on the 1070 and get close to 1080 performance. be same $600 upgrade for cpu-mobo-ram

10-01-2017, 16:37
I have a HTC 10 phone running via RiftCat in Vive mode, on an old HD 5870 with 1Gb ( I have two but PC won't run crossfire in Vive mode) and get around 40fps in low settings, but with rays, bloom etc with DX2 and the IQ is more than usable. I'm mulling a long over due upgrade to a GTX1070 so pretty disappointed to hear you are down at 45fps all be it with the settings cranked up. Perhaps that tells us its more CPU as we are both on I5's at similar frequencies, I'm at 4.2Ghz at present on DDR3 @ 1866MHz.

11-01-2017, 13:56
CDB... I understand your fear and let me say that the 1070 is a HUGE upgrade. I had a 970GTX for a few weeks with VR and it was night and day difference. Let me highlight some of the difference that might be apparent when playing with VR and graphics/fps/settings.

Monitor performance:
I felt the 970 was perfectly fine for Pcars at DSR Ultra levels. I was 90% Ultra on all things DSR 4 (5160 res) but no AA! AA was a big hit and with DSR the IQ was the same or better. Anything over Dx2 on any res and the 970 chocked. With 15cars on all tracks my goal was to get a solid 40+ min FPS. I would usally be around 38-40 at starts and heavy traffic and 50+ every where else and it was 4k goodness looked incredible. I did back down to 1.5 to be consistent when weather hit.

Same exact setup but with 1070 but I was using DX4!!! I could do DX6 even at 30-40FPS range. I was over 100FPS sometimes in the 130s!!! I cranked it all up ultra, dsr 4k, 20+ cars weather and my goals was to stay above 90. I was able to sit at mins of 85FPS and avg over 100FPS HUGE improvement.

Now onto VR
1: I had to get used the drop in IQ after doing 4k for so long but the immersion is worth it.
2: the extra visual flare doesnt add a lot since the draw distance is short.
3: Sun flare was the most prominent VR effect that adds cool immersion and particles.
4: adding any AA is a must in VR otherwise it looks like pole position.
5: Super Scaling is a game changer for IQ
6: Cars on high or ultra still look awesome like 4k monitor levels up close when racing and is a must.

DSR in VR doesnt work :-(
since it was 1920res I could do dx2 but struggled anything more it was a not playable, less then 20fps, still had to leave AA off to play above 40fps
I was all low settings, no Super Scaling, cars on med thats it.
with first gen ATW in steam I didnt notice to much ghosting and it was playable around 30-40FPS range no weather possible 5-10 cars.

1070 w/ mild OC +80gpu/+125mem
I was able to crank cars and tracks to ultra.... game changer in IQ
I could play up to 4x AA with right mix of cars
I cranked up all visuals and med-ultra on settings and dialed back. most had no impact on IQ, because of draw distance, but did save 1-2fps turning off.
Ended up with Sunflare on, dirt, particles on/high, track/car ultra DX2
i didn't use SS scaling yet but was getting solid 45+fps. Remember this was with ATW so it does the cap.
I dug into OC the 1070, SS and the new ASW patch came out... another game changer
I didn't realize the ATW was really happening once i played with ASW I was getting a solid 90fps uncapped or 45 capped.
The difference in vr is those little dips below 90, even like 85 are noticeable and a lot worse in VR then monitor play. Getting that 90FPS keeps a fluid experience.
The SS was another IQ game changer combined with dx4 the game looks incredible in VR. I was getting several blips under 90 or 45fps. The OC clocking helped alot and I could play dx4 but dxm was a little bit more solid at 45fps l;ocked in ASW.
Plus I could do SS at 1.6 instead of 1.35 in 4x so the IQ was about the same.

So back to your point. 45 is the cap in ASW. Maintaining a solid 45fps during all game play is a must to enjoy VR. That said 45fps on the 970 and 45fps on a 1070 is night and day in terms of IQ and immersion. I can easily run 15-20 cars in most conditions with weather.

Now that said I still want to tweak the 1070 or get a kaby so I can get back to dx4, with 1.5-1.6 SS. Cranking dirt/particles to ultra levels too would be another major improvement IMHO.

now PCARS aside. the 970 was solid in most other games but the 1070 is a no brainer. I can crank eve, detached, onward to whatever there max is and just play even with SS at 2.0 and non issue. no tweaking required.

11-01-2017, 18:02
I can run tonight with ASW off and monitor FPS I am sure it is 90-100 most of the times.

15-01-2017, 10:21
4: adding any AA is a must in VR otherwise it looks like pole position.

OMG dude... That had me cracking up so hard for like 3 min... because its soooooo true! and without motion blur it now looks like a bad a$$ version of Pole Position in VR.. arg!

16-01-2017, 09:04
What's wrong with Pole Position (except the lack of FFB?) :p :D

Seriously though, just for the sake of input, I've read that anything over 1.5 1. SS won't do any difference (except FPS hit, maybe) and there's no reason to go above it.

I'll soon joing the VR crowd with VIVE (but I got a gtx1080) to check how is Pole Positon in VR :D so, thanks for the tests.

16-01-2017, 13:10
Seriously though, just for the sake of input, I've read that anything over 1.5 1. SS won't do any difference (except FPS hit, maybe) and there's no reason to go above it.

I agree there is a wall in Pcars. IQ vs Bandwidth. The gpu/cpu obviously can only handle so much SS and then it is evident that it chokes. and I noticed .2 increments do make a difference. During heavy testing when your being critical but in game play not so much: more like .4-.6 is noticeable.

I think the 1.5 limit is also impacted by the amount of AA you choose. What I found:

DX2: 1.4-1.45 is min to see improved IQ otherwise small IQ bump not worth the FPS hit. 1.75 seems to max IQ vs hit to FPS. I ran 1.8 and no differ to me but FPS hit
D2M: 1.4min 1.65-1.7 max but 1.6 looks great better then 1.5 for sure
DX4: 1.3min but ideal is 1.4. I would love to run 1.5 but it too taxing. I can run it for no car hot laps on certain tracks but it is a FPS hit. My max is 1.42.

16-01-2017, 22:30
Nice one. Since I only differ from you rig in the GPU and Vive instead of OR it should be pretty much the same thing wrt to settings.


17-01-2017, 15:46
Curious to see how the 1080 performs on AA vs my 1070. I am on the fence. Do I drop $700 and get a new z270/i7/memory and swap over or maybe sell and trade the 1070 for teh 1080.

Recently I started playing with the 1070 OC and it has made a nice bump in FPS. Like 10%-20% I went from a 70/100 to 140/400 and woke the card up and stable. Made the difference in 38-45FPS dips with ASW to rock solid 45FPS and bump from DX2 to DXM even DX4.

I am thinking the cpu will be more then the GPU since my setup is getting older and outside of gaming some other things could use a boost. I also have to drive with ASW off and see what my real 90FPS range is.... Wonder if true 90FPS is better then 45FPS and ASW?

17-01-2017, 16:23
All things being equal, namely IQ, I'd chose the one that is smoother / less FPS drop difference.

17-01-2017, 17:53
I agree. I wonder if you can run the 1080 with 15+ cars at DX4, SS1.5 Ultra Car/Track details and get solid 45+FPS with ASW.

Mine can not. drops off swiftly above 1.45. Some track combos I can do it maybe 1.42 but most of the time I need to 1.36 to be consistent
once I go below 1.4 I think D2M looks better at 1.6 and rock solid 45FPS

17-01-2017, 18:05
I won't get my vive until next week, unfortunately...