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16-01-2017, 05:43
SLI is not working for me on the Vive.. Anyone got a fix?

16-01-2017, 09:49

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17-01-2017, 06:11
Thanks but that's a super old post.. and Project Cars already supports SLI????? so its already in the game engine, and it does about the best job of any game so far.. I have a bunch of VR games that support SLI..

17-01-2017, 11:15
It's old but still valid, unfortunatelly and not just for pCARS but all games.

No Xfire or SLI works with VR... for now.

19-01-2017, 16:10
Geez.. maybe its just me... But I'm getting sick of people on this forum answering my question with something different than what I'm asking??? Then on top of that.. putting "Answered" on my post..

I did not ask how sli or sli drivers work in games or vr...
I did not ask if its available in the VR portion of the game..
I asked if anyone has a fix ( Basically to force SLI )

There are lots of tricks to do this but I don't have time to try them all... that's why I'm posting... If you don't know how don't say NO or try to shut the post down...

20-01-2017, 12:09
Well, if you find out that trick, please share.

16-03-2017, 15:04
Simple answer : No, SLI doesn't work in pcars in VR, and there isn't a fix for that.

More complete answer : SLI in VR isn't supported by lots of game. In fact it was completely unsupported until NVidia VR Funhouse technical demo was release last summer and is still mostly unsupported (maybe a few recent games started to support it by now).
SLI in non VR is very different from SLI in VR (the former simply compute pair and odd images on different cards sequentially while the latter compute left and right eye images on different cards in parallel).