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16-01-2017, 06:38
Quick question guys, is it just me or is it impossible to get wheel spin at the start of a race doing a standing start? This doesn't seem to happen even when you rev a car to max RPM and dump the clutch at the start. Wheel spin allows the tires on that end to warm up quicker at the start of a race.

Additionally, the physics of car collisions seems to be a little off. Whenever 2 cars collide both cars go straight with no steering control. No matter when the car behind hits the car in front. Eg: if a car in the back taps the rear quarter panel of the car in front during a corner then it should cause the car in front to spin. This doesn't seem to happen in Project Cars.

I come from the Forza series, which seems to have done a better job on these two aspects of the game. Other than that Project Cars seems to be more realistic in all other areas. Is this something that will be patched in Pcars? Or will we have to wait for Pcars 2 for these physics issues to be fixed?

16-01-2017, 07:00
What are you driving? Are you on PC/PS4/XB1? What gamepad/wheel are you using?
Because I definitely smoke it if I dump the clutch with too many revs at the start.
I don't recommend smoking the tyres to heat them: too much wear for the effect. Depending on the car/setup/tyre pressures/compounds you're better off gradually bringing up the temp by lapping.

Sticky cars is a known issue and there probably won't be a fix for pcars1.

16-01-2017, 07:06
PC, Thrustmaster TX wheel with T3PA pedals and TH8A shifter. I've tired it with the FRS, Mustang GT and BMWs and can't get them to spin tires at the start. I've easily been able to do this in those cars IRL. *shrug*

16-01-2017, 12:48
I've spun it in the Rocket Bunny, BMW M3 GT+GT4, V12 LMR.
Failed in the BMW Group 5 car (turbo lag, bogged it).
Haven't driven any Mustangs.
In the game.

Could be the choice of tyre compounds if you're talking about the road cars. The soft/sporty compounds are super sticky semi-slick track tyres. Try the all weather tyres that are closer to what the real life cars run on the street.

16-01-2017, 13:09
Are you racing with tcs on.???

16-01-2017, 15:47
I turn off all the assists (Traction control and stability management) but I do keep ABS ON most of the times. I'm not referring to the car spinning due to poor driver inputs. That part of the game feels very realistic.

I'm referring to when a car gets hit in a turn from behind. A lot of how the car in front behaves depends on where and how hard it gets hit. Most of the times if a car gets hit in the rear bumper it will go straight off (understeer), basically what Pcars does. If a car get tapped in the rear quarter panel in a corner it will spin (oversteer), cops usually call this a pit maneuver when chasing criminals. If two cars get hit side to side the outer car will usually slide outwards (in a 4 wheel drive/ neutral drift). The force of impact determines how much. The Forza series has this nailed for the most part.

In Pcars if 2 cars touch in a corner (doesn't matter where) both cars lose control and understeer for a bit. It feels very unrealistic and I was hoping it gets addressed in a patch. Or is this going to be implemented in the next version?

16-01-2017, 16:25
The car contact issue has been known for a long long time, it won't be fixed for this game.

19-01-2017, 16:39
The wheel spin thing is strange. If I hold the clutch, rev, and release quickly, I can get spin on just about any car. I also see people spinning out at the start all the time in MP.

19-01-2017, 17:51
Auto clutch maybe? That tends to slip the clutch at low speeds, so the wheels won't spin(as easy as they should). So that's a semi-TC like system in situations where the speed is lower than idle in the selected gear.

Also check if your clutch releases completely. You can use the telemetry overlay to check if the clutch input is 0 when the pedal isn't pressed.

kevin kirk
19-01-2017, 18:16
I can spin them up on the start. Can also spin them up on corner exit mostly from using 50% diff accel setting. Note that the racing cars,gt3 lmp and so on, diff settings will actively prevent wheel spin. Of course the setup up on the rear of the car makes a huge difference.

20-01-2017, 07:10
Thanks for the responses guys.

I have auto-clutch turned OFF. I don't drive with any assists except ABS. As far as clutch release is concerned, I dump the clutch at the start.

If Project Cars incorporates Forza tire spin physics at launch and car collision physics, it will be the complete race simulator, IMHO. Here's to hoping they implement that in Project Cars 2.

20-01-2017, 12:12
If Project Cars incorporates Forza tire spin physics at launch...

No thanks. Full throttle clutch dump in Forza gives you a good launch like if you'd slipped the clutch or feathered the throttle. In pcars it'll spit you into a wall if you don't control it, or bog down (I cannot for the life of me launch the RWD cars with any gusto).
Like I said before: could be the sticky tyres are too sticky so you won't get the wheelspin you expect. You may have driven the same cars in real life on street tyres, not on Trofeo for example.
Diff settings also play a role in race cars as to how the wheelspin feels at launch.
You didn't say which tyres you drove the cars in the game, or which cars in particular. Even the GT4 class cars on slicks spin up and they're usually slightly detuned versions of the road cars! So I'm really not sure what you're doing.

20-01-2017, 17:57
I use the auto select based on track conditions option.

Tires I've raced in real life:
R comp/slick: Hoosier A compounds, Hoosier R compounds, Hankook Z compounds, Toyo RA1s. (I assume the Trofeo fall somewhere between the Hoosier and Toyo base on reviews I have seen)

Performance street tires: Bridgestones RE71R, RE11, RE11A and a few other RE models, Toyo R1R, Hankook RS3 V1 & V2, Dunlop Z1 & Z2 and all starspec models, Falken RT615 and many more.

I've been fortunate enough to experience all these performances tires. When you launch them off the line and the tires are not in their operating temp range they spin, even the slicks. All I'm saying is it doesn't feel real to me.


20-01-2017, 18:14
If the tyres are green(bottom right HUD) they are warm. A lot of cars (depending on class) start the race with pre-warmed tyres. If they're light blue they're cold.

20-01-2017, 18:50
All I'm saying is it doesn't feel real to me.

There is always room for improvement. I doubt we'll see any changes going forward for pCARS1. That's not to say it's not a valid conversation as the dev team still browse this forum all the time for ideas and information for pCARS2.

I will say there was an online clip where Bill Auberlen was giving ride alongs at Road America. Two friends were there with one filming and the other going for the ride along. The one filming asked Bill to do a burn out when leaving and Bill said he couldn't because it wasn't geared to do it. Just saying this as most of the GT race cars aren't geared for burning out but I've been able to do some tire smoke with most other vehicles.

21-01-2017, 03:08
I've been lucky enough to race at Road America in real life. :D I have to say the Project cars representation is the most accurate I have played to date. It's one of my favorite all time tracks.

I get the gearing, as it is a torque multiplier. But in normal production cars most people don't change gear ratios. When the car is moving in Pcars the tire properties are spot on. Either way, IMHO, standing starts could be improved.

But that is just my opinion based on my real life experience. Either way it's a great sim.