View Full Version : Rift owners in NW UK willing to let me try their setup

21-01-2017, 03:01
I've been teetering on the edge of getting a VR headset. I've briefly tried the Vive, but it had a fault, so I returned it. I tried the Vive again at the Autosport show recently and it was a far better experience. But ideally I'd like to have a proper try on a Rift before I dare try again. I've read for sim racing the Rift is a better choice (albeit there isn't much in it).

So is there anyone willing to allow me to come around and try your Rift setup??

I'm based in Crewe, but happy to travel around the area (Stoke, Stafford, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester). Obviously don't reply with your details. Please PM me and we can have a chat beforehand.

Promise i'm not some dodgy stalker ;)

21-01-2017, 04:55
Promise i'm not some dodgy stalker ;)

...that's how they start out though...whouhahaha!...lol

Roger Prynne
21-01-2017, 11:53
An offer of a pint or two might help :very_drunk:

21-01-2017, 12:14
Well, Rift it's cheaper if you plan only do simrace and that right there is a better choice.

But if you want more than de xbox game pad another (recommended) base station and controls actually gets more expensive or at least the same price (with the base station).

I also know that with Revive you can play Oculus Home titles and I'm not sure if the reverse is true (btw, is it?)

21-01-2017, 13:49
If I wasn't over 3 hours away and had a CV1, rather than a DK2, I'd offer to give you a demo in a shot. The lenses are quite different in the CV1 so it wouldn't be a fair comparison even trying the DK2.

Mad Al
21-01-2017, 15:28
Im even further east than the Chicken...

Are Game still doing demos ? Might be easier to find a local(ish) stockist and see if you could get a demo (or do you want a specific PCars1/2 demo?)

21-01-2017, 16:50
Of course there will be beers, and maybe nuts, but I didn't want to mention that on a PG forum :)

Thanks for the offer guys. It's a shame I'm not roaming around the country as much as I used to.

15-04-2017, 07:22
hi mikeyTT . I know you made this post a while ago and i only use the DK2 which works great with project cars also it is not half as bad as what people say with a few tweaks, so if you still wish to test i am not too far from you (winsford). Give me a pm and il send you my details/