View Full Version : The DSRL GT3 Endurance Series! (Starts 5th Feb)

25-01-2017, 00:58
Hello and welcome to the DSRL GT3 Endurance Series.

The series will start on 5th February 2017 and will run through until 16th July 2017 on XBOX ONE!


Sign ups are OPEN so go sign up here. http://www.thedsrl.com/t392-gt3-series-registration

There is only 32 full time spots for this championship. Anyone signing up after 32 drivers will be a reserve and will only be allowed to race if there is space in the lobby due to a full time driver dropping out of that event.

There is a division system in place that requires you to poat a time around Dubai Autodrome GP in the Mclaren 12C GT3 in Time Trail Mode. This is for us to gauge your pace and decided which lobby you will be placed in.

Eligible Cars.
You can find a list of eligible cars for the series here.http://www.thedsrl.com/t394-gt3-series-cars

The race calendar and dates can be found here.http://www.thedsrl.com/t395-gt3-series-calender

Each race event will feature One 1 hour long race with Two special 2 hour long races throughout the season. Each race will have one qualifying session.
The qualifying session will be 20 minutes long but will be set to 30 minutes to allow drivers to finish there laps and allow the host to take down the times.

Race Format.
- Race (Qualifying order)
- The race will be manual rolling start. (Not in game rolling start) See rules on rolling starts and formation laps here.

The Assists for the championship will be set to REAL which means all the assists will be realistic to real life.
- Real Assists for the GT3 cars are (ABS-On, STB-Off, TCS-On)
- BMW Z4 is given stability control in game, so has all three assists turned on.

Points Scoring.
There will be multiple championships to compete for in the DSRL GT3 Endurance Series: Drivers, Teams and Privateers for each division.

There will be 4 dropped races from this championship for drivers, making your best 12 scores count towards the championship. So if you attend every race meeting, your worst 4 race scores will be dropped and your total is then the total of other 12 race scores. If you do not attend a meeting, then both races will be a drop score until you miss more than 4 races, in which case you will receive a 0 score and it WILL count towards your championship total as you have already taken 4 dropped zero scores.

Tuning in this championship WILL BE PERMITTED. So get tuning!

To find out more. Follow the link below.