View Full Version : pcars turn of the wifi access :/

04-02-2017, 16:03
Hello Guys
I have a big problem with my pcars.... ervery time when i open the game i have no internet access on my mobilephone and all other devices in my house but all devices are connected with the internet router.
I play pcars on my computer with a dlan connection.
Sry for my bad english but i hope you understand my problem and i think anyone can help me.

04-02-2017, 16:55
Go to Options -> Gameplay and turn off UDP. Maybe this helps.

05-02-2017, 15:48
Also, assigning a static ip to your computer probably would help if you have a lot of devices being turned off/on which are sharing the same router/wifi.
See here:
I think it would be moreless the same process for Win8 and/or Win10.