View Full Version : Project Cares Pagini full throttle out of the gate at start up with delayed control

04-02-2017, 17:48
I've been playing with the free Steam version of Project Cars Pagini Edition for a few days, trying to get a little familiar with it so when my grandsons come over I can show them how to play it.

This is on a Windows 10 PC using a knock off wired Xbox One controller. i5 6600k, Rx 480 GPU.

In Time Trial I've noticed when it starts up my car is immediately at full throttle and the controller is not immediately responsive. There is a delay before the game responds to input from the controller. This immediately results in a crash right out of the gate.

Is this by design or is there some game or controller setting I need to change?

05-02-2017, 12:01
It looks like a controller issue to me.

05-02-2017, 13:49
Can you calibrate the controller in-game? It sounds like the button/trigger for gas is using the depressed position for full throttle? Is that only in the beginning of the session and then it fixes itself?