View Full Version : Upgrading G27

V8 Animal
05-02-2017, 07:47
I've had this wheel for ages guess 7 years.
I have a option to buy a Fanatec CSR wheels and pedals secondhand .
The wheel looks better built is it much better to use?

05-02-2017, 08:59
I would go for it. My old G25 finally disintegrated last month and I bought a Fanatec. The better quality of the Fanatec gives you much better precision/control of your steering. The smoothness of the belt drive will amaze you. The improved control in the bumpier sections is other worldly, I haven't tried Nords yet though. Also with the G25 the Marek and P20/30 would make horrendous noises over the rumble curbing and that is gone. If you are not already an elite driver the wheel should help you do better. You will have to re-do all of your set-ups because the force feedback is different, for me it is most difficult to get the GT3 cars set-ups working again but it is more than worth it. I might be more enthusiastic/biased about the wheel because I am old and disabled and the wheel has improved the game so much for me, I hope it adds to the game for you as well.

V8 Animal
11-02-2017, 20:39
I've bought the CSR wheel will have to drill my table to bolt it down though.
Minor issue with the pedals won't work using USB but does work with PS2 connection.
I can't try out it properly till I've bolted it down.

12-02-2017, 08:57
Cool. Once you are up and running you might want to try Snetterton 100 to experience the finer control you have at that PITA lefthander. I was able to dramatically improve there with the faster cars, haven't really worked on GT 3's yet. Basically, for me, the tighter tracks are most noticeably improved like Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile, Nurburgring Mullenback etc., though I still suck at Stowe.

14-02-2017, 19:16
Here's a head-to-head review between the V2, CSL, and TS-PC Racer that might help you. He pretty much puts the CSL and TS-PC racer at an overall tie, but they each had slightly different pros and cons.