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05-02-2017, 13:45
I've been trying to play Project Cars using my keyboard but can't get it to work as well as it did in NFS and Racedriver Grid & Grid2. People seem to think using a controller is better than a keyboard so I thought I might give it a go. Can anyone recommend a suitable controller I should get to play Project Cars on my Windows 7 computer please?


05-02-2017, 14:26
I hear that the xbox one controller is one of the best . but you should start saving up for a wheel ! playing a race sim whit a controller is like playing a first person shooter whit a wheel :)

05-02-2017, 15:01
Not all of the Xbox One functions are supported on the PC (like rumble triggers). With that, you end up paying an extra amount for functions you can't really use. The basic Xbox 360 controller works well and most game titles today on the PC are designed specifically for it. For the money, it's hard to beat it.

I will say, if your budget allows, take a look at some of the racing wheels & pedals setups out there.

05-02-2017, 15:07
In Dec 2011 I got a T500 RS and it is still going strong. I'd have no problem recommending this wheel. However, I have had to make some repairs. -The paddle shifters had to be RMA'd for double shifting. No cost to me. -I had to RMA the sensors for the hall sensors in the brake and gas pedals. No cost to me. -I eventually just went with the Bodin load cell brake pedal mod. It was around $120 at the time. But that was for a load cell brake not a repair. -There was some sort of recall on the original cooling fan, my unit was getting too hot, and they sent me a new fan I installed. No cost. -I have to tear down the pedals every year to clean which is kind of a PITA and takes a couple hours. -I had to pay around $20 for a new gas pedal sensor from Thrustmaster.

This wheel is great and works amazingly well, BUT it requires maintenance. I put thousands of miles on my pedals every year too. So if you are handy, I recommend the T500RS- esp. with the Bodin load cell mod.

I had a G25 for 5 years. I could have replaced the pedal pots but decided to just go with the T500 instead. That wheel was less maintenence and I loved it- it was a real toss up whether to go with the T500 or the G27 that came after the G25. I actually felt bad in a way like I had betrayed Logitech LOL because I really did love that G25. So I have no problem recommending the G27 either. It has the added bonus of coming with a h-shifter (I have an old Lightning SST I use now). the G27 is almost like a standard in sim racing circles.

Get a wheel. Get a good wheel and you'll have it for years to come. I can't recommend Fanatec because I had a bad experience with their pedals and they would not RMA them and the customer service there was TERRIBLE. Read up on Fanatec customer service, I'm not the only one to say so. If you get a cheap wheel, you'll have to replace it in a year and the higher end wheels have much better FFB but most importantly a more sensitive and responsive pedals. It's all about the pedals!

If you have the money- and they can be VERY expensive- get a high end wheel and it'll last forever. Stuff from Frex, Ricmotech, ECCI and Derek Speare Designs will be all you ever need again and many are used by pro racing teams.

06-02-2017, 01:47
I'll get an Xbox 360 and see how it goes, it's gotta be easier than messing around with keyboard settings. I can't afford a proper steering wheel setup , but I appreciate the advice anyway.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

06-02-2017, 05:14
Just thought I'd give some info on the Options/Controls/Configuration settings I came up with to get my keyboard usable in Project Cars. The following settings are the best I've been able to achieve after several hours of messing with them.

Steering Deadzone........5
Steering Sensitivity........57
Throttle Deadzone.........5
Throttle Sensitivity.........83
Brake Deadzone...........0
Brake Sensitivity...........100

Speed Sensitivity..........0
Force Feedback...........100

I've been concentrating on various cars at a single track before I start a career game, so I've been doing two lap "solo" racing at Bathurst. The cars are now driveable with my keyboard using these settings and I have won several races, but the steering is still a little too twitchy and needs more fine tuning. I'll play around with it some more while I wait to get a game pad controller. It will be interesting to see what difference the game pad makes.


06-02-2017, 17:06
I started with an XBox 360 controller as I already had a spare and the wireless USB receiver from eBay only costs around a fiver. This gives a good level of control and I also play Dirt Rally in which I regularly achieve the top 100 leader board.
However since Christmas I've invested in a Logitech G290 wheel and pedals along with the shifter. Which I got for the awesome price of 160 (currently 180 at PC World Feb 2017).
This really has elevated the whole game experience. Admittedly I've had a few issues with the force feedback settings and I'm still tweaking now. But playing with a wheel and pedals is just so immersive.

My best advice would be to save for a wheel, the G920 is a good starting point, or try and get a decent second hand set. From there you could decide whether a more expensive wheel is something you would be interested in. I'm already saving up to take it to the next level ;)

07-02-2017, 08:26
Xbox 360 controller is my option, it has the exact features needed for this game

Steam controller is a great choose also, for flexibility sake.

Also he wants a controller, stop suggesting steering wheels.

08-02-2017, 22:49
Thanks to all for the help and advice. I ordered an xbox 360 which should turn up in the mail soon. In the meantime I've been tweaking the game settings and have my keyboard working very well now. For anyone trying trying to do the same with their keyboard these are my settings, I haven't included Clutch settings because tat the moment I have automatic gear changing enabled.

Steering Deadzone........5
Steering Sensitivity........63
Throttle Deadzone.........5
Throttle Sensitivity.........83
Brake Deadzone...........0
Brake Sensitivity...........100

Speed Sensitivity..........0
Force Feedback...........100