View Full Version : 4 hour Spa Enduro this Saturday AU and NZ drivers welcome

08-02-2017, 20:49
AUS/NZ Combined Racing League will be holding a 4 hour, (simulated 24hour) endurance race this Saturday 11/02/17. We'd like to invite players in the AU/NZ region that would be interested in racing alongside a group of hard but fair and friendly racers.

If anyone is interested let me know either on this forum or add me as a friend on XB1, (Arky888)

The format of the race will be as follows;

Simulated Race Date: 31/08/2017
Simulated Race Start Time: 3:00am
Weather: 4 x Random slots sync'd to race
Lobby Opens: 3:50pm AEST (4:50pm AEDT and 6:50pm NZDT)
Time Progression: x5
Assists: Realistic Driving Assists Only
Start: Rolling start
Tyre Wear: x2
Fuel Usage: Real
Damage: Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures: Off
Flags and Penalties: On
Ghosted Vehicles: No
Grid: 16

Lobby opens 3:50pm AEST, (4:50pm AEDT and 6:50pm NZDT)
4:00pm 20 minute qualifying session
4:30pm 5 minute warm up
4:40pm Race

If there are enough players we may run GT4 as well so choose your GT3 and GT4 and let us know what your preference would be. We're hoping that there will be a full grid for the night so as to make for some awesome racing between real players and not AI

As this is an enduro race and to give everyone that wants to race the opportunity of enjoying a full race session mechanical failures will be turned off and damage will be set to performance impacting only.

The rolling start will be as follows;
At the start, (green light), all drivers will form up behind lead driver in a single file and follow at a safe speed and distance for the first lap
The first lap will be treated as a warm up lap, it will be up to each driver to maintain their tyre and brake temps so weaving and brake testing will be required. Those following will need to keep a safe distance behind those in front to avoid the possibility of an accident
There will be no weaving or brake testing after Blanchimont, this is to ensure that as the field closes the possibility of accidents are reduced.
Upon exiting Chicane all drivers are to form up in their grid positions and maintain 80kph
At this point P1 will have control of the race and will endeavour to maintain speed
The exit of La Source will be the acceleration zone, P1 will be able to accelerate and start the race at any time from that point on.
Grid positions to be maintained until all racers have gone through La Source.
Once P1 starts to accelerate he/she will call out, "Race Race Race" over the game chat and the race will commence from there on

The rolling start has been added to create a more realistic race start. If you'd like to see an example of how we will be performing our rolling start you can check it out on Youtube, all you have to do is search, Full Formation Lap At Spa.

We encourage anyone that wants to race on the day to have a look at the video to understand how we'll be forming up for the start of the race.

There will be a added final race time penalty of 15 seconds for each of the following incidents:-

1. Driver takes out another without redressing the position within the following 3 corners.
2. Driver constantly bumping or running into others.
3. Defending driver swerving on track (only 1 defensive move allowed leading into a corner).

Please be aware that communication on Xbox can be sketchy at times so even if you have called your intentions to overtake someone, be mindful they may not of heard you. Likewise for the defending driver, you must be aware of your racing environment at all times and using the time behind HUD can be very useful in this.

Always give racing room in tight situations and don't cut into the apex, hold your line around the corner giving room for the car on the inside to take the corner on a tighter line. It is the inside cars responsibility not to run you off the road on exit.

All race incident reviews must be done by private message within 24 hours of completed round to the race organiser with either footage or lap number when incident occurred for review.

NOTE: Incidents will not be discussed during the event, if you feel like you've been disadvantaged by someone elses actions message the race organiser for a formal review after the night's racing.

REMINDER: Please remember before voting for session to start, double check you have selected the correct car in your garage.

We hope to see some new racers join us for what should be an exciting and fun 4 hours of racing.