View Full Version : Need some help with my screens plz

09-02-2017, 23:42
Hi all am just starting out on the pc I only have two screens I use one for racing but when I go to use the 2nd the 1st goes black and I have to restart the game can any one help thank u

Siberian Tiger
10-02-2017, 10:48
Try to Start pCars in Windowed Mode. (you can change this in the Game Options)

11-02-2017, 19:45
is this the only way so i can use 2nd screen

Roger Prynne
11-02-2017, 22:22
How have you got your screens setup?
One is Primary and the other extended?
Have you tried Alt-Tab back to the game when it goes black?

C4pt4in 0bvious
12-02-2017, 20:13
I have similar issues but it also locks up other programs in use for monitoring temps like EVGA Precision X OC and NZXT CAM software that was on secondary screens.

Did some reading and tried a couple of things that has seemed to work. I saved my theme for wallpapers and that stopped that from blacking out. I also tried the fix of going into "Documents>Project CARS and renamed graphicsconfigdx11.xml to graphicsconfig.xml I see it has created a new file in there with the original naming convention.

Roger Prynne
12-02-2017, 21:46
Yeah graphicsconfig.xml is for the 32bit version.
Also I forgot about the saving theme bug.