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11-02-2017, 18:09
Hello! I've playing Project CARS for a while, and I'd like to upgrade the experience.
My current setup is an Intel Q9550 and an ATI HD 6870. I also use a Logitech G27 Wheel.

Primarily I was thinking about upgrading the GPU to either an AMD RX480 ot NVidia 1060. But then I remembered that sometimes, especially in the starting line, when there are multiple cars around me, I experience some stuttering. Is this due to CPU or GPU limitation? Would you recommend upgrading the CPU or GPU ?
A CPU upgrade also means new motherboard, and my budget is that of around the price of the GPUs I meantioned.


11-02-2017, 18:33
To be honest, both. However, given it takes much more to upgrade the CPU, I would focus on that first. You'll get more overall benefits with an upgraded CPU (something in the i7 range).

11-02-2017, 18:53
Don't forget about new memory going the cpu/mb route if your old sticks not compatible with new hardware.
What currently do you have for a power supply?

Mad Al
11-02-2017, 18:53
It would a complete waste of time to try and run those GPUs with a 9550.. whilst on paper the 9550 is better than the min requirement.. it's not that much better (less than 10% in single core performance and about 20% on multithread).

You should be able to get a cheaper motherboard, i5 and 8G of ram for around the price of the (6G) 1060.. but frankly I'd wait a month or two to see how the next AMD CPU changes the pricing of CPUs (hopefully for the better!)

What currently do you have for a power supply?

The 9550 is about the same as the current mainstream i5/7 and the 6870 is 150 or so watts, so he should be fine (1060 is 120 watts)

11-02-2017, 19:00
Thanks for the replies everyone!

For RAM I'm using 8Gb of DDR3. My PSU is a 500W Corsair. I built this machine from 'scrap' parts. Only thing I bought was the CPU (30$ of eBay, used) and the PSU (brand new).

12-02-2017, 08:45
You should be okay upgrading your CPU but please, DON'T go to a i7, you're in a forum where people doesn't mind spending hundred of dollars on a steering wheel so obviously they's suggest the most expensive thing you can get.

I'm running the game with an overclocked FX 4300, so you should be ok with a Intel i5. An i7 would be a waste of money.

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