View Full Version : Does anybody play pCARS with the Steam Controller's gyro controls?

13-02-2017, 06:41
I was tinkering with my Steam Controller yesterday and to my surprise I saw that SMS has an official config for the Steam Controller. I remember people talking about how gyro controls could help refine the handling of the car in racing games, but at least here in the forum I don't recall seeing anyone actually using Valve's controller.

It's no wheel replacement in a sim but perhaps it's useful for something, or when you just want to play casually. Who knows, there might be competitive players out there using the Steam Controller. It's always nice to have options, and nice of SMS to provide an official config.

24-08-2017, 20:57
I have used my steam controller. The SMS config was perfect as is. The gyro steering works well. The game still treats it like gamepad input, but I thought it is much easier to manipulate than a gamepad stick. The only drawback that actually pushed me to buy a G920 on sale, was the triggers for gas and brake. It takes careful manipulation to not be 'all or nothing'. With that said, I think it is a good solution for casual racing, better than a straight gamepad. I thoroughly enjoyed the game while using it.